Friday, February 29, 2008

Kurtrier IR

1756 v. Coll, 1759 v. Brackel

Unit History
The regiment was formed from the only two weak regiments that Trier possessed. The unit was considered to be of poor quality by the French general Soubise. Mobilized in 1757 and assigned to the corps commanded by von Hildburghausen. It was brigaded in the corps with the Kurpfalz Garde under von Rosenfeld in August 1757. At Rossbach, brigaded under Varell and fled the battle along with the 'Blaue W├╝rzburg. Just prior to the batlle, the regiment was classified as poor by the French General Soubise. From 1758 to 1762, the regiment served in Prinz von Zweibr├╝cken's corps.
At Freiburg, October 1762, the unit, brigaded under Rosenfeld with Kurmainz, was on the right centre. The brigade collapsed under the concentrated Prussian attack even though a portion of the force was protected by temporary field works.
The unit was filled with Catholic recruits. It is generally considered at par with Garrison troops, or Militia, as was most of the Reichsarmee. The regiment, like many other Lower Rhine state regiments, disappeared at the turn of the 18th century.

This was one of the first regiments in my collection and originally painted as one of the French regiments. The figures are early Front Rank and are slimmer but not as well sculpted as the later figures released. When I purchased the Dixon French, I decided to convert the original Front Rank unit to a Reichsarmee unit and chose Kurtrier as it involved little repainting. Unit painted in the late 1980’s.

Flag: Warflag at
Text: Pengel & Hurt, The Reichsarmee: Organization, Flags & Uniforms 1756 to 1762, Imperial Press

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