Friday, February 29, 2008

Kurpfalz Cuirassiers


Unit History
The Cuirassier regiment was formed from two squadrons of Prinz Frederich Cuirassiers and one of the Oberrheinisches Kreis. The unit had the best rating of all the Reichsarmee cuirassiers but their horses were regarded as mediocre. The Sturm card reference shows the uniform of one of the Prinz Frederich squadrons and forms the basis of the uniform painted for the unit.
During the early mobilization, the unit was part of the first corps under GFM von Hildburghausen.
At Rossbach, November 1757, the unit was on the right flank along with the Hohenzollern Cuirassiers, the Austrian Bretlach Cuirassiers (No.29) and Trautmannsdorf Cuirassiers (No. 21). These units formed the advance guard which tried to stem the initial charge from Seydlitz’s cavalry corps. This corps included the Prussian cuirassier regiments Gensd'Armes (No. 10) and the Gardes du Corps (No. 13).
From 1758 to 1760, the unit was in the corps commanded by GFM Prince von Zweibr├╝cken.
Prior to being dissolved in 1918, the unit formed the basis of the 4th Bavarian Chevauleger regiment of the Reichswehr.

The Reichsarmee from the Kurrheinisches Kreis needed a bit of additional support and stiffening and so they received the best cavalry they could get – which historically was not much. The banner is speculative and uses the Pfalz lion rampart in a circle of laurel leaves much like the Hohenzollern cuirassiers. The key differentiator between this regiment and the Hohenzollern is the lack of a hat trim rather than the white trim of the Hohenzollern. Unit painted in February 2006.

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